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Weir Mill, Manchester Road, Mossley, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside,Manchester, OL5 9QA, UK

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Weir Mill, Manchester Road,
Mossley, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside, OL5 9QA

07851 140 218

This is no ordinary personal trainer training session. In fact it's not a personal trainer training session at all. At Area 5 Fitness in Tameside, Manchester, there is no time to waste. We are not your usual private gym. We are not a boxing centre. We’re not even personal trainers. But by using Muhammad Ali boxing techniques, Mayweather boxing style, speed pads, kettlebells and intensive whole body exercises, we are everything you need to get in the best shape of your life. Area 5 Fitness in Manchester is not a gym. It’s not a personal training thing, we're not here to make friends. Our way of training is definitely not easy and not for everyone. But it is the best way to get yourself feeling and looking ultimate fit without all the bullsh*t.

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Summer 2019

Area 5 Fitness

Is it hear yet?  

Hopefully it's as good as the last one! 

May is always a good time to assess the year as we approach the halfway mark. Things couldn't be much better at Area 5. A solid consistent to the year, all Clients returning after Xmas, a few old ones making a return, (always happens that) and one or two new faces to freshen things up and keep me on my toes.

So far, for me personally, being busy enough to be able to drop to five days a week has been a great help both physically and mentally. Only took me thirteen years! 

The majority of us have had our first taste of holidays with many more pending. Holidays are the best and more importantly, enjoyable thing to train for in my opinion. Along with the boring scincey stuff like bone density, health, blood pressure et, ha!

Going forward, with the Studio approaching eight years old a few things need replacing, (not me just yet) which I'm in the process of doing. Plus I think it's about time we got some new gym apparel, hoodies, T-shirts etc which my printer is currently working on.

Anything else you can think of, let me know. 


As always a big thank you to all Clients for your loyalty and hard work. 

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