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Weir Mill, Manchester Road,
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07851 140 218

This is no ordinary personal trainer training session. In fact it's not a personal trainer training session at all. At Area 5 Fitness in Tameside, Manchester, there is no time to waste. We are not your usual private gym. We are not a boxing centre. We’re not even personal trainers. But by using Muhammad Ali boxing techniques, Mayweather boxing style, speed pads, kettlebells and intensive whole body exercises, we are everything you need to get in the best shape of your life. Area 5 Fitness in Manchester is not a gym. It’s not a personal training thing, we're not here to make friends. Our way of training is definitely not easy and not for everyone. But it is the best way to get yourself feeling and looking ultimate fit without all the bullsh*t.

Mayweather Boxing Speed Pads in Manchester

Hanging Leg Raises

Area 5 Fitness

These are one of the toughest, but one of our favourite abdominal exercises. Anything that involves hanging automatically means there is more resistance from gravity. Bonus.

Your not Tarzan so no swinging. Just think dead arms as your hanging with a tight grip. As you bring your legs down on the lowering (negative) phase, do not let your legs go behind you as momentum will kick in and you  will kick start the upward (positive) phase,kind of giving the movement a running start. 


  • Grab a bar and just hang, let the momentum disappear and do nothing until your body is still and the legs are straight.
  • Flex all your muscles especially your Lats, Abs, and muscles surrounding your elbows.
  • Lower your Legs and Repeat.
  • The duration should be slow so as to use no momentum, try 5 - 8 seconds up, 5 - 8 down.

There we go easy... now get going and stop complaining that it's to hard or that you weigh too much. This exercise will make you strong, if it didn't what was it one of the only exercises that the Soviet underground lifters in the 1980's practice?



Now a few pointers that should be of some help:

Keeping the arms locked: you really need to concentrate on this but you should not have to focus on this, as this is not the exercise. Here are two methods that will really help.


Really grip the bar and imagine that you are trying to bend it, this will also kick your Lats into motion.


Imagine that you are also pushing the bar away from you while pushing you body closer to your feet this might be hard to imagine but give it a bash and you should get it. This tip is from another Australian Party member Comrade Rick 'Raver' Ravensdale.

Hang tough.